★Kichimu Hotel  (Chiba)

 Seaside town is blessed with beautiful coves and clear green, Amatsukominato.
 Also known as the birthplace of Nichiren, leaving a number of related historical sites and legends,
 The hotel is a natural hot spring bath in the garden center area of the sky Bousou tourism.

 Put to the postcard shop at this hotel.
 If you come close to your
 Please come visit the Hotel.


★Eirinji temple (Nigata)

The great walls of the temple sculptures.

Ishikawa uncyou  sculpture with a man named.
In Japan, called the Michelangelo of the East also known as Ishikawa uncyou.


★Shinko  Restrant  (Kanagawa)

Sorry only Japanese

good sea foods restrant at Misaki.


★Kanagawa ken Kirie no kai

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